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Too much ads

I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but every 3-5 games a “ad break” happens. The is the 2nd day with this app and even I know when a ad pops up or not and I don’t even count the games I’ve played. Overall I loved the game so that’s why I gave it 4 stars.


Hi, I love this game. Bye


This game has way to many ads it gets on my nerves so bad but it’s a kinda fun game but entirely to many ads

Great game BUT

WAY TOO MANY ADS! Give me an ad free version. I’ll pay.


With the most recent update, activating powerups causes the game to freeze. You then have to close it and the app will not work normally until the powerup wears out. I have lost 4 power ups do to this. Please fix :/ i love this game

Flip Master.

Well yes it's a good game . Well to other people ..I Can't even play.I installed the app and it is ios 7 and my ios is 7.1.2 but I constantly tried to play but it went back to the home screen and made me mad because I heard this game is a great game ..I watched videos of it and it looked like fun..I'd love to try it out but I can't because it doesn't work for me .. Also I have an iPhone 4..So it should work

Something funny happened

I give it a 5 star rating because it was a fun game when I had the chance to play. 3 minutes after allowing the game to send me notifications my screen began to flash like a strobe light. I exited the game, powered off my phone, and gave it a moment to sit. I powered my phone back on and all was working fine. I began to play the game again, and not a minute into playing my phones screen began to flash again. Not thinking it was game related I downloaded a system cleaner and cleared my phone. It didn’t seem to help so I deleted the game. It was the last app I had used and was playing when this incident began. Since I deleted the app, I haven’t had another issue with my phone. I’m not mad, just a little bummed that I can’t play. Y’all have some bugs to work out, or maybe my phone just didn’t like the game... who knows.


This is fun when start but when you eventually get better it gets boring and the insane cost for a character insane $7.99 for a t-Rex. Game is only fun for a while. Do not recommend.

Flip Master

When I downloaded I didn’t get so I deleted it ,but I downloaded it back back because I got bored every since this is have been addicted. Daily spins come out late why not in the morning. After your daily you have to paid 200 just to spend again . And to make the game better let us combine tricks on the trampoline.

I love this Game

I really like this game but I don’t like that it takes so long just to earn all the coins to spin the wheel. It should be less coins or you should just be one spin every 30 minutes. If you could fix this I would like the game a lot more! I also don’t like how the videos to earn coins aren’t always available.😜😜😜

It’s a good game but…

This is a really fun game but number 1 it makes you start off as a male character and I don’t really like that why can’t you choose the gender of your character and it’s really hard to get the female character sometimes if your not willing to pay or you have to spin the wheel over and over until you get that female character number 2 THERE IS ONLY ONE GIRL … 1 girl seriously?!!! The creators of the game could at least have added more girls ! And last number 3 no different races there is only one race and that’s white people I would greatly appreciate some form of black people / African American it’s really sad that this game only has one girl but it’s not just that they have no African American characters please fix this it is deeply needed and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this …

Great game

When I first downloaded this game I didn’t understand it, my friend tried playing it and she got my character to one of the top levels. I now play the game at least once a day and it’s one of my favorite games. I would recommend it.👌🏻

too many ads!

hi i love this game but there are too many ads! it’s like every time you lose there is an ad!

Fun game, way too many ads

I have been playing this game a lot lately but I can only play with my internet and data shut off because of how many ads there are, which is ridiculous.

Has a problem

Makes me watch ads when I’m playing after every other time I play, yet when I try to get coins from ads it won’t let me watch them. Fun game but plz consider this it is very annoying and makes no sense


I like bouncing, but a yungboi also tryna get some new characters and all that fuqin spinny machine gives me is powerups >:-( fuq u flipmasser p.s. skwidatl on soundcloud

Glitches 😐😐😐

This is a great app for me but on the trampoline park when I jumped SUPER high there was a glitch and it sent me flying across the room and saying it was out of bounds. Otherwise it is addictive and it easy to get attached

worst game ever

unless I am missing something to turn them off, the offers that pop up after each turn are extremely bothersome. too much crud on the screen and too many options. ruins the game. watch a video after each turn ? I came to play a game not watch commercials.

Queen Nini😜🤤👑

I don’t like how there is only 1 girl in this games and she cost money

Fun game but....

WAY too many ads. You have to play it a lot to get stuff/add up money. Would give 5 stars otherwise.

Pls make it more interesting

Have funOk so this game needs more features I mean this game is very addicting but I NEED MORE!!!!😱😱 My first wish is for them to come out with crazy stunts barely anyone can actually do In real life I mean like backhand spring into a triple back Ben tuck I mean that would be fannnomnaallllll I know I may be going over the top but I mean hey we are probably all thinking yes that’s exactly what they should NOT do 😂. Another thing is they need to add more things you can buy other than clothes and that daily spin I mean come on you can do much better you know🤔🤔🤔😏 so other than Thaaaat everything is perfect I can’t wait till they make this game any better🤪🤪🤪🤪


This game is a really awesome and fun game, but it would be even better if you didn't see an ad after every turn. Seriously enough with the ads. Also if I pick the second chance video it says video not available please try again later. 🙄🙄 this game needs help.

LOVE IT! +changes for future updates

Ok, so over all this game is INCREDIBLE! I am addicted to this game and I have only had it for 2 days! I love the different characters, I love many other things to! But, I also have a few suggestions. 1, I think it should be a bit easier to get coins. I find myself watching adds over and OVER again so I can get enough coins to train my characters or spin again. That sounds wired if you haven’t played the game but it you have, you'll totally get me. 2, THE ADDS! After almost every turn you have to watch an add. Somethings I get very frustrated with the game because I can’t just smoothly play, I have to pas rough terrain. (adds) 3, If I could, I would make the cheat after you have completed all the challenges a spin. When you get a spin it is usually something AWESOME! So, since the challenges are hard to beat that would be a GREAT reward. Anyways, I know that sounds like A LOT of criticism but over all if I could rate this app more than 5 stars I would! (I hope someone read this whole review! 😅😬)I LOVE THIS GAME! 😘😍💖⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great Game!

More characters , locations, tricks, and longer power ups because I already have all of them since I spent money. Also, I wish you could communicate, compete against, and trade items with other players inside the game which would add more social fun to the overall experience. Last, I think you should be able to sort your tricks into groups since it is hard to scroll down during a flipping session. Overall, I love the game and think it has a lot of room to improve.

Flip awesomeness❤️💛💛💚💙💜

Ok I mean this game is pure awesomeness. I love the way you get points when you flip. It is really easy to get a lot of points. The first day I played I got a record of 246! It’s super fun and super cool I would definitely recommend this game to anyone 9+ I will never delete this app

Too many ads

The game is very addictive but every time I mess up I get hit with an ad. I feel like there are too many ads but overall I think the game is perfect!

Really glitchy when I flip

Every time I’m trying to flip it’s very slow but I love this app so much but I hope tu can fix it

Fun game

Not enough levels, i finished the entire game

Scrolling down for tricks

Its a really good game but it bothers me that i have to scroll down to find the trick that I want to do and its a bit annoying

Good game but...

I really like this game, and it’s well designed but the ads are so annoying. I would so much rather pay for an ad free version instead of being constantly bombarded by ads and micro transactions. Every time I get an “Ad break” I want to uninstall it.

Amazing! But...

I absolutely love this game! I spend so much time playing it trying to beat my high score and pretending I’m in front of judges performing a routine. The ads aren’t bad, you can just skip most of them within two seconds, and I love the idea of a daily spin and hourly balloon. The characters are cool and I love the tricks! I usually only get power ups now from the machine because I have all the tricks and most of the places and characters. I love almost everything about this game, but here are a few things you can fix: • MORE FEMALE CHARACTERS: So there are plenty of guy characters, but there is only one girl. And it would be cool to have like different types of girls. • MORE CHARACTERS: Maybe just add more characters in general. I think it would be cool to have something different, maybe like “The Nerd” or “The Jock”, just something so that people can relate more to the characters, because I feel like that would make it more cool. • COLORS: Definitely add other skin colors and hair colors • CLOTHING: Please please please add more clothing! It would be so cool if people could dress up their avatar more so that, again, they can kinda relate more to it (if that makes sense) and personalize their character. Maybe add ripped shorts or jeans, cute shirts and more! • HOURLY BALLOON: I like the concept of the hourly balloon, but maybe make it a bit higher above the trampoline because I feel like it would make more challenging and fun. (I know, it sounds weird) • TRICKS: I love all of the tricks and flips, but please add more. It would make it even more fun if there were more tricks you could collect! That’s about it!! Thanks for reading the whole thing, if you did. Overall, this game is great and you should totally get it!!!!!!

I love the new update but..

I love the new update but i whould like to want earnings for stuff you do. Like spin the wheel 100 times and then you get some coins . The other thing is that its hard to get a place or a character . I only need one place and then im done but when i spin the wheel i only get powerupps the whole time so please fix that

Great but way to many ads

After almost every round that you do there is an ad. But the game is really fun and it wasted time if you are really bored. Even if you’re not bored it’s still really fun.


I love this game. I’m a gymnast so it’s fun for me.It is very addicting. This was my first game downloaded since I got my phone! I also like making them fly off the trampoline. And one thing can you make a multiplayer game so they can go and see who can “live” the longest. If you would that would be great. Thx. ❤️ Raegan

Amazing game but

I love this game but too many ad breaks! If u can remove the ad breaks that would make it a lot better. But besides the I love the game!

Add the side flip please

Please add the side flip please

Very good game but...

First of all I love this game and I’ve only been playing it for the past 3 days and it is already the best game on my phone bu there is 1 thing that I can’t give it 5 stars for. It has way too many adds every 3-4 rounds there is an add. I really love this game but they need to take out some of the adds.👍👍

Great game, but one thing

This is a great game, but could ya make it easier to get new characters???

No vids

Videos for coins ands continues doesn’t work most of the time. 👎👎


This game constantly and there ads that I’m not even interested on and sometimes it’s when I get hit once and as break comes up

Best Game Ever!

I LOVE this game, and it is addictive in a good way. When I say that, I mean I like it over other games, but I won’t not get off of it. It is also really fun. Finally, if you don’t like the “ad breaks,” just turn airplane mode on. That’s all! :)


This game IS addictive but it the ad’s do get on my nerves.


I really like this game so freaky and stuf

Best game ever so cool and crazy fun

I just love the game because it's cool and fun and crazy but the best part about it is it makes time seem to go faster.

Good game to me

Good game I have been playing it since I was little

Annoying And Really Stupid

This thing was only made to make money! First of all when I press and add to continue my games it says there are no adds then it plays an add and I can't continue my games, that makes absolutely no sense. Second is when I go to the place where you can spin and tap an add it always takes my money and uses it to spin. Third you can't even earn the gold so it really is ANNOYING. SO DONT TELL ME TO DO ALL THUS STUFF TO HELP BECAUSE I ALREADY TRIED ALL THAT STUFF! therefore I might delete the game

fix the spin

I like this game but i swear i have gotten the red ball the last five times in the spin. I don't want any more bouncing coins i want more flips and locations! I hate wasting 300 coins just to get a powerup

Great game but...

I absolutely love this game. It's sooo fun. But there is way to many adds

Good but ad break bad

It’s great game and very addictive but every now and then there’s an ad break but overall not bad.

Awesome, ADS, ADS, ADS

I like the game, but after every couple rounds an ad comes, and every single time it’s the same ad!!!!

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